Rise Radio is a community service media organization, which seeks to provide a platform and, opportunity to amplify the voices of women, girls and young people in addressing critical and emerging issues affecting them and to promote human rights, a just and inclusive society, democracy and progressive governance through radio broadcast. It is the “voice of many voices” offering space and opportunities to diverse groups, to share their experiences, views, concerns and perspectives. Rise Radio is a component of the Asmaa James Network (AJ Network) founded by Asma James who is an award-winning broadcast journalist with over 20 years of experience in post-conflict Sierra Leone. Her passion and interests include upholding and promoting independent media platforms thereby creating safe spaces for diverse and inclusive voices, positions and interests, with the aim of promoting an active citizenry, whilst strengthening progressive democratic governance. Asmaa is passionate about women and girls’ issues.


Rise Radio will be known for its high-quality, relevant and vibrant programming and will serve as a model for diversity, equity and inclusion, while maintaining professional standards and ethical values.


Rise Radio connects and amplifies the voices of girls, women and young people. It is an advocacy platform for democracy and human rights. It promotes an exchange of ideas that enriches people’s lives.   

Core values of Rise Radio

  • We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • We always strive to serve our audience better
  • We engage our community in authentic and meaningful ways
  • We respect our audience
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