Rise Radio seeks:

  • To operate as a public and community service media organisation, dedicated to promoting an agenda and issues relating to girls and women across Sierra Leone.
  • To produce and disseminate empowering and motivating messages and products for girls, women and young people.
  • To promote good governance, democracy and human rights in all sectors
  • To promote awareness raising about education, health, environment, and sport of all kinds,
  • To engage in online news, event management, public relations, media advertisement, media advocacy, effective monitoring to support and protect the status and interest of the citizens of Sierra Leone.
  • To operate and own stations and offices across Sierra Leone for the production and transmission or link programmes or otherwise to deal in such communication services, and other related engineering work and apparatus of every kind.
  • To engage in the activities of media campaign and to own radio stations, publishers, developers of content.
  • To carry on the activities of radio specialists, consultancy and experts advertising agents for government, business owners, companies, non-governmental organizations, and community base organizations.
  • To set up and operate production room for editing news, to undertake media and jingles for products and services.
  • To raise funds and help raise funds for any charitable purpose relating to women, girls and young people.
Current track